Write For Us

The Spectrum is the student-written policy recommendation journal published every year by King’s Think Tank. It is the essence of our organisation founded in the wake of the 2010 student protests. The Think Tank was designed to be the missing link between students ever so politically active, and policy-makers. That is why the Spectrum is crucial: it is the platform and mechanism for great policy recommendations to reach MPs, select committees and Parliament in general. So far, there have been four editions, all of which can be found here.

Students from all disciplines are invited to come and contribute to problem-solving on a wide variety of issues, by attending panel discussions, roundtables and workshops throughout the academic year. The Spectrum provides an outlet for the thoughts and recommendations you will develop by participating in the Think Tank. Based on how they perceive a problem and its solutions, students write policy recommendations, on their own or with the help of an academic mentor, which are professionally edited by our editorial team. Mentors are paired with students on the basis of their field of expertise and interest in the subject matter.

If you want to contribute to the journal, you can get in touch by filling the following form. Policy recommendations are published both on our website and in the semestral publication.