Transatlantic Trade: A Solution to Economic Stagnation or a Destroyer of European Standards?

TTIP, or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is an agreement between the US and the EU that emphasizes the depreciation of tariffs and the assuagement of trade regulations. While the deal will promote market accessibility, it will have serious consequences for major trade sectors, including pharmaceuticals, energy, clothing, and finance. Continue reading “Transatlantic Trade: A Solution to Economic Stagnation or a Destroyer of European Standards?”

Postgraduate Fees: How Could we Design a Viable Funding System to Maximise Social Mobility?

On Tuesday 27 January, King’s Think Tank hosted a panel event focusing on education and social mobility. It featured four diverse speakers with experiences in, among other things, policy, economics, education, and funding. Baroness Margaret Sharp of Guildford, Dr. Tim Leunig, Adam Wright, and Professor Mick Fuller spoke about obstacles to entering higher education and potential policy solutions to overcome them. Continue reading “Postgraduate Fees: How Could we Design a Viable Funding System to Maximise Social Mobility?”

Property: Hot & Cold event at JP Morgan HQ

On Wednesday 14 January, King’s Think Tank hosted a special business and economics event on the top floor of the JP Morgan headquarters, in Canary Wharf. Fully booked and overlooking one of the premier views in London, the inaugural event of the second semester welcomed housing experts Scott Corfe, Head of Macroeconomics at the Centre for Business and Economics Research (CEBR) and King’s College London Geography Professor Chris Hammett, to discuss the UK property market. Continue reading “Property: Hot & Cold event at JP Morgan HQ”

Immigration Policies: The Rage in Politics Today

On 28 November Prime Minister David Cameron made a long-awaited speech outlining his ideas and recommendations on immigration. “There are no simple solutions. Managing immigration is hard,” David Cameron said. “Not only here…look at the United States, the ultimate melting pot, where President Obama has just announced sweeping reforms.” Continue reading “Immigration Policies: The Rage in Politics Today”

Polio in Pakistan: The Overshadowed Emergency

Ebola and polio are the only two diseases currently considered global public health emergencies by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The world’s attention is on the growing threat of Ebola, and the global community’s woefully slow response. On the other hand, it seems the world has largely forgotten the hundreds of thousands of children who have died in Pakistan, from what most would consider a preventable disease. Continue reading “Polio in Pakistan: The Overshadowed Emergency”