Articles: The King Think Tank blog showcases commentaries, analyses, and opinion pieces on past and current issues of any nature, so long as the article’s topic falls broadly under one of our policy centres’ specialty.

Policy recommendations: The Spectrum is King’s Think Tank biannual policy journal, in which students publish policy recommendations on issues relevant to our policy centres’ specialties. The Spectrum’s Winter and Summer editions are published both on paper and online. Contributors may find previous editions here, or under the ‘Spectrum,’ tab, above.

  • Blog posts should be written formally and range between 1000 and 1,500 words. Policy papers should be written formally and range between 1,500 and 2,500 words.
  • The King’s Think Tank uses the Chicago style of referencing.
  • All illustrations (including photos, graphics, graphs, cartoons) should be in gif, png, jpg, or jpeg format. Illustrations must also be submitted with evidence that they are free to use (e.g. it is from copyright-free website, or the contributor has approval from its owner).

The submission process is roughly the same for both blogs and policy papers.

  • Contributors must email their submission to the King’s Think Tank’s General Editor, at
  • The email subject title and file name must be ‘Blog Submission – [Name]’ or ‘Spectrum Submission – [Name],’ depending on whether you are submitting a blog post or policy recommendation, respectively.
  • In the email, students should include their name, degree, and year of study.
  • Within two weeks of submission, the article or paper will be returned with feedback from the editorial team.
  • It is the contributor’s responsibility to review, amend, and return the submission accordingly.
  • If the contributor has any questions, he or she should consult the General Editor at
  • Deadline for The Spectrum Winter edition: Submissions Closed
  • Deadline for The Spectrum Summer edition: Monday 19th March 2018
  • There are no deadlines for blogs, which are published throughout the year.

These apply to both the blog posts and the policy papers.

  • Contributors are entirely responsible for the accuracy of their work.
  • The King’s Think Tank condemns any use of plagiarism, which undermines the credibility of both the contributor and our institution. Contributor’s are entirely responsible for any accusations of plagiarism.
  • The King’s Think Tank moderates all comments on the blog, and welcomes any report on offensive or inappropriate behaviour.
  • The views expressed in both the blog and The Spectrum are uniquely their authors’ and not representative of the King’s Think Tank’s position. Our purpose is to create a platform from which students may communicate diverse and well-informed commentaries and policy proposals.
  • Aim to use clear, concise, accurate, and accessible vocabulary. Short words are better than long words.
  • Avoid the passive voice.
  • Longer posts are not necessarily the best.
  • Have fun writing!

Want to join our team? Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year open on July 1st, 2018. Send an email stating your interest to with ‘Application – [Name]’ as the subject title. Please include a CV and a 150-word statement of motivation. If ever vacancies arise during the academic year, we will announce them via Facebook, twitter, and email, so do sign up to our emailing list, here. We hope to hear from you soon!

Your 150-word statement of motivation should include:

  • A qualified interest in your target policy centre’s domain.
  • What you expect to gain from joining KTT. This may include professional and/or academic development or ambitions.
  • Why you are suitable for the role (You may find further information about available roles on our Facebook page, here).