The Spectrum

Founded in the wake of 2010’s student protests, The Spectrum is the UK’S oldest student-run policy journal and will be publishing its 8th edition in May 2018. It offers the opportunity to engage with the challenges of policy-making and devise original solutions to today’s political, military, economic, and social issues.

 The Spectrum represents a unique platform for students to communicate clear, incisive, and coherent policy recommendations to British MPs, select committees, and influential figures. This initiative constitutes but one of the unique ways in which the King’s Think Tank helps students develop the skills necessary to devise policy for both business and government.

The Spectrum is published both on paper and online. You can read our previous editions below:


First Edition – 2011
Second Edition – 2012
Third Edition – 2013
Fourth Edition – 2014
Fifth Edition – 2016
Seventh Edition – 2017

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