The King’s Think Tank Policy Centre Liaisons are responsible for advocating and promoting the work of the largest student-led organisation of its kind in Europe, to directly impact the policy making process at both a national and supranational level. This work includes fostering relationships with other think tanks, NGOs and the UK Government, as well as the European Union, in order to lobby the policy recommendations of King’s Think Tank and forge professional partnerships.

Liaisons aim to cultivate relationships that will last beyond their time with the King’s Think Tank. These relationships should be cultivated so that they can be passed on and utilised in the future for the benefit of King’s Think Tank. Institutional memory is key for the growth and sustained prominence of King’s Think Tank.

Liaisons also aid their Policy Centre President in organising, promoting and running the termly events of their respective Policy Centres; this includes reaching out to speakers, making logistical arrangements, and representing the Policy Centre on the day of the event itself.

If you wish to get in touch with a Policy Centre Liaison, please contact the Head Liaison at

Bradley Albrow
Head of Liaisons 2016-17

Policy Centre Liaisons

“I decided to work for the King’s Think Tank as a liaison because I saw in the position the opportunity to make a difference. I wanted to pick up my pitching and communication skills and use them in a field that I feel passionate about. Being the Law Policy Centre liaison has allowed me to actively work on controversial political issues and current affairs, whilst also bringing in the knowledge I have gained from studying law. The best part is working alongside other young people who share the same mindset and dedication, and who can and want to increase awareness and give space to different opinions about what is happening around the world.”

Dayana Daneva
Law Policy Centre Liaison 2015/16

Regional Liaisons

“King’s Think Tank research on the Americas focuses predominantly on the changing role of the US in the world. The regional scope includes, but is not limited to, projecting the future of American power, the pivotal role of the US in the international system, the foreign policy implications of a rising China and revisionist powers such as Iran and Russia. King’s Think Tank is dedicated to bringing information to those who take a particular interest in, make, or influence the foreign policy of the actors herein.

King’s Think Tank US Region is an independent, nonpartisan sub-consortium, which aims to bring the insights of scholarship to bear on the conception of policies that advance understanding, perspective and interest. The King’s US policy center has an ongoing relationship with the Roosevelt Institute at Georgetown University, Washington DC and aims to further develop ties with institutions both foreign and domestic particularly within the US in the spirit of the Atlantic Alliance.”

Mauni Jalai
US Regional Liaison 2015/16