This year, the thematic focus of the Law Policy Centre will be on equality law.

Equality is all-pervasive; it attaches to almost every area of law, and has a huge impact on all lives. It is also one of the areas of law which has the most potential to effect societal change. One need only look at the example of gay marriage: when the Supreme Court of America declared gay marriage legal in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, there were celebrations throughout the world.

This potential for change is vital to King’s Think Tank, as we focus on formulating policy recommendations to assist decision-makers in implementing schemes to allow for more equal representation. These recommendations are based on impartial research, as to what truly works and what does not; we believe unbiased policy recommendations based on quality academic research is the solution to controversial problems.

In Autumn, the focus will be on gender equality; specifically, on the pay gap, an issue on which the UK is facing problems. The Trade Union Congress has analysed data and found that, for the top 2% of earners, the gap in annual salaries between men and women is at 54.9%. Access to top jobs has also proved difficult; Chambers Student puts the average of female partners at UK law firms at just 24%, a figure which drops to 18.8% in magic circle firms. According to Bar Council data, only 20.3% of barristers appointed to Queen’s Council are women.

To resolve this clear inequality, our first specialist panel event for the Law Policy Centre is entitled ‘Please Mind the Gap: Gender Equality’, and will tackle issues of maternity leave, gendered titles of positions, affirmative action, as well as publication of salary information.

As the aim of King’s Think Tank is to empower the student body, it is our mission to get our student members involved in our work. There will be many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, from writing policy recommendations, to contributing to our blog, to helping out at various events. If you are passionate about equality and want to work with us, email me any time at .

Jagoda Klimowicz
Law Policy Centre President