This year, the Law Policy Centre focuses on the interactions between the law and an increasingly global and cosmopolitan world. One cause of many challenges that the law faces in the era of globalisation is that law is inherently defined by the concept of jurisdictions. The strength of this concept of jurisdictions is that within any jurisdiction (e.g., nation-state or international organisation), the law functions as it is intended to. Thus, legal certainty becomes an issue for consideration when jurisdictions collide.

In the Autumn Term, we will be focusing on new and old global matters that the law must face. Some of these issues, such as war crimes or sex trafficking, are ones which previous attempts to address them have been made, but these attempts have been heavily criticised. Others are issues which have also been addressed but have become an even larger problem in recent years, such as cyber-crime and intellectual property. Finally, there are matters that have only recently emerged, such as block-chain technology and fin-tech. Our first event of the year will be a panel discussion on the risks and policy surrounding new forms of financial fraud and crimes.

In the Spring Term, we will focus on the legal system itself as a globalising entity. Subjects include newly created international and supranational jurisdictions such as the WTO and the TFEU, as well as global attempts to harmonise legal concepts, such as the introduction of Anglo-American concepts of trusts and fiduciaries into traditionally civil jurisdictions, such as EU commercial law and Luxembourg.

The potential for change is one of the key aspects of King’s Think Tank, and the Law Policy Centre seeks to provide impartial research and policy recommendations to assist decision-makers in addressing global issues. In an era where populism and nationalism often prompt citizens to prioritise and advance their interests at the expense of others, we seek to promote a legal theory and methodology that embraces a global outlook.

I am excited about what the upcoming year can bring, and look forward to working with our student members. If you are passionate about global legal issues and want to work with the Law Policy Centre, please contact me at

Joseph Lai
Law Policy Centre President