Global Health

Challenges in healthcare are not confined by borders. In an ever more interconnected world, global health issues must be approached with a multi-faceted perspective, combining the fields of medicine, epidemiology, and economics. 

During the first term, our policy centre will focus on global mental health, which remains one of the main contributors to the global disease burden. The UNHRC estimates that there are over 20 people displaced worldwide every minute, with many still remaining in insecure areas. The harsh reality is that most of these people will never receive the appropriate treatment to meet their mental health needs. The heterogeneity of the displaced population, their circumstances, and their experiences pose a significant challenge to the provision of a service that can provide adequate interventions. We aim to devise applicable policy proposals to improve mental health access for refugees and asylum seekers through the analysis of patient needs and healthcare system reforms.

We also aim to investigate the re-emergence of waterborne diseases around the world in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal of providing clean water and sanitation for all. 2.1 billion people still do not have access to clean water. This fact is exemplified by cholera outbreaks across Zimbabwe and the re-emergence of Hookworm infections in Southwest United States, decades after eradication. The Global Health Policy Centre will evaluate the necessary actions that must be undertaken by both public and private entities to ensure the Sustainable Development Goal is achieved. 

In the second term, our policy centre will examine the impact of Brexit on the NHS. The Vote Leave campaign promised an extra £350 million funding to the health service a week. Two years later, without a finalised proposal, the future of the NHS is still under debate. The NHS is dependent on the EU for its workforce, pharmaceutical supply chain, and clinical network. The Global Health Policy Centre will track the negotiations as it unfolds in Brussels and recommend policies that will minimise the adverse effects on patient outcome.

As a student-led think tank, the Global Health Policy Centre welcomes contribution to our work through participation in our policy events and written submissions to our blog and biannual journal, the Spectrum. If you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Sifan Zheng
Global Health Policy Centre