Global Health

During the first term of the 2020/2021 academic year, the Global Health Policy Centre will be focusing on Covid-19. This virus, which has spread across the globe to reach pandemic status has had an unprecedented effect on the lives of almost every single human being. As of September 13th, 2020, there have been 28,637,952 cases and 917,417 deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organisation. We wish to focus our attention on the efficacy of global health policy in dealing with this new challenge, as well as considering the vital lessons that can be learned from this global health emergency. We believe that Covid-19 is the single biggest challenge affecting our world today, and feel that it’s implications will shape human behaviour and global policy for generations to come. 

Our second theme for this year will focus on disparities in health provision and outcomes for BAME communities. Reports show that the provision of health care varies widely among ethnic minority groups. Black individuals have experienced lower quality pain management, emergency care and disparities in accessing cardiac care compared to white populations. This inequality also extends to life-saving organ transplantation. These facts are shocking and cast a dark shadow on the path to equitable healthcare across the globe. Furthermore, when examined in the context of recent movements that highlight racial disparities and injustice, such as the Black Lives Matter protests, these statistics take on greater significance. We believe that exploring this theme and addressing inequalities in health​care provision and outcomes for BAME communities will contribute to a much needed discussion and add value to the current dialogue on global health policy. 

At the Global Health Policy Centre we welcome any ideas or contributions you may have and would like to encourage you to join the debate on these topics. If you are interested in participating in our work, please contact for more information. 

Gursharan Khera

Director, Global Health Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Gursharan Khera


I am a final stage graduate medical student and a practicing clinical pharmacist with a strong interest in global health. I am particularly invested in the path towards an equitable distribution of resources worldwide and the policy changes required to achieve this, on both national and international levels.


Coralie Gauvin-Belair


I am a second year International Development student. I am particularly interested in global health as I have conducted research regarding HIV/AIDS in Uganda in the past. Additionally, I am working on ongoing research projects in this field.

Benjamin Zuckerman


I am a final stage medical student with an iBSC in Regenerative Medicine and Innovation Technology, as well as project managing a novel medical device fully funded by the NIHR over three years. One of my interests lies in how medical research can translate into guideline or policy changes influencing patient care globally.

Pedra Raibee


Pedra Rabiee is final year medical student at King’s College London, interested in health systems and medical education. She has previously interned at WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office. 

Our Working Group:

Rupali Lav

I’m a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences. Aside from stem cells and dental research, I have a keen interest in Global Health Policy. I believe that access to health education can dramatically improve health and wellness in a larger number of communities across different geographies. This is more relevant now than ever before, with the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective global policies for health education/awareness and equitable distribution of healthcare resources are paramount to our tackling this unprecedented crisis. 

Eleanor Pace

I am a final year graduate medical student with an active interest in global health and health policy. I am particularly interested in vaccine hesitancy and communicable diseases. 

Lhachi Kunzang Seldon

I am a third year Political Economy student from Bhutan. I am interested in issues of sanitation and disease control in developing and underdeveloped nations and how wealth inequalities affect resource availability to combat these problems. 

Nadia Dohadwala

I am a final year International Development student. My primary research interests lie at the intersection of gender and global health, such as issues relating to women’s access to healthcare and reproductive health services. Additionally, I am interested in global health governance and its impact on development.

Enya Khan

I am a Public Policy MA student and medical doctor with a keen interest in Global Health. Some of my particular interests lie within the realm of Public Health Policy and the interaction between health systems and health inequity.

Sioban McShane

Siobhan is a Master’s student studying the Classical World and its Reception here at King’s. In her spare time, she volunteers with two charities working with refugees and asylum seekers as well as acting as Volunteering Officer for KCL Student Action for Refugees.