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In the post-Cold War era of international relations, the global power structure witnessed a transition from American unipolarity towards a multipolar world order and renewed great power strategic competition. China’s growing economic influence seen through developments like the Belt and Road Initiative and its aggressive regional ambitions indicate that China will be a decisive player in shaping the emerging world order. The resurgence of Russia as a major world power is seen through its military and nuclear weapon capabilities, regional ambitions in Europe and challenge towards the Western norm of humanitarian intervention. Several other regional powers like India, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and countries in Central Asia and Middle East are also emerging as important players in the modern international order. 

This year, the Policy Centre will focus on the theme: Exploring and Analysing the Emerging International Order. 

In the first term, the Policy Centre aims at analysing the implications of the emerging international order and great power rivalry on key policy fields in Defence and International Security. Some examples of the policy fields include geopolitics and regional rivalries, nuclear weapons, civil wars and conflict resolution, cybersecurity, climate change, health security, economic and ideological competition and many more. From increasing Chinese and Russian regional aggression and territorial claims, challenges towards US conflict management in Middle East and North Africa, risks of nuclear weapons proliferation in North Korea, Iran and India to security challenges posed by climate change and cyberattacks, this theme encompasses a broad spectrum of security issues. We aim at analysing the ambitions and behaviours of rising powers in such policy fields which produce global implications on the normative structure of international security. 

In the second term, we will explore the emerging world order through the lens of diplomacy. We will analyse the future of liberal international order by focusing on the role of international organisations in the wake of an emerging world order. With the ascendancy of new powers and new security challenges, this theme aims at analysing the efficacy of international organisations in meeting new security issues (health security, geopolitical risks, climate change). This theme will also explore increasing calls for institutional reforms in international organisations by new powers and challenges posed by China and Russia towards western humanitarian interventions using the discourse of respect of sovereignty and principle of non-interference in internal affairs. 

At the Defence and Diplomacy Policy Centre, we encourage and appreciate any contributions revolving around our theme. If you wish to contribute through participation in policy papers, blog posts or events, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Femi Anna Ivan 

Director, Defence and Diplomacy Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Noah Trowbridge


I’m a third-year BA International Relations student in the Department of War Studies. I am typically involved in research surrounding political risk in Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia, but I also enjoy delving into cyber risk and international law. Outside of work, you can probably find me planning hiking trips with friends or cheering on Chelsea at the local pub.


Ariel Koh


I’m a third-year History and International Relations student here at King’s. I’m most interested in the future of conflict, especially with regard to cybersecurity, the role of regional organisations and Sino-US relations. In my spare time, you can find me trying out new recipes or in a dance studio somewhere!

Robert Culligan

Liaison Officer

I am a MA student in International Affairs from King’s College London. I holds a MA in Politics and International Relations from The University of Aberdeen. I am a public speaker, event organiser and fintech-sector analyst. My research interests lie in space policy, the post-Soviet region, and British Diplomacy. In my spare time, I like to cook, run, cycle, and garden.

Our Working Group:

Sara Cheraga

I am studying a BA (Hons) in European Studies. I’m entering my final year. My research interests cover three main areas: the MENA region (politics, economics, culture…), climate change and multilateral diplomacy. Outside of work, I enjoy drawing and painting (I am self-taught), reading and going to museums.

Anne Debie

Hi everyone! I am a third-year undergraduate in International Relations and I am particularly interested in the trends within the intelligence apparatus with a particular focus on the privatization of the defense system. Outside of work, I enjoy going on outdoor adventures with my friends and love to spend time talking and meeting new people around good food.

Jack Hodges

I’m a third-year History and International Relations student at Kings. My research interests include Sino-US relations and the role and development of Human Rights institutions. Outside of IR, I like to spend my time running, rowing and out with friends

Joshua Mathew

I’m a second-year Political Economy undergraduate, and am interested in the policy priorities of small states, and the effect of Chinese development in the African region. In my free time, I dabble in amateur photography.

Dorottya Zsiboracs

I am a second year International Relations student at King’s War Studies Department. My main areas of interest are multilateral diplomacy, especially U.S policy in the Middle East, security strategy and international law. In my spare time I enjoy learning French, reading Russian literature, trying various kinds of sports, and representing youth in various international fora.