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This year, the policy centre will not be taking a specific focus with our work. While obviously we shall attempt to address the most relevant of policy debates we have taken the decision that a concentrated focus stunts the work of the rest of the centre by forcing the individuals within it to ignore their own interests. 

That being said, we shall be writing two pre-determined thematic policy papers. The first will be on the area of developing economies; specifically focusing on lessons which could be learned from them. This will be written over the first term. The second, written during that respective term, will be an assessment of COVID-19 responses, looking specifically at the economic impacts that different response policies have had.

Over the next year we shall be attempting to produce a wide-ranging and diverse amount of research, which reflects the diversity of background and interests that our centre possess. We hope that this will encourage anyone with specific interests in economic and business policy to join us and get involved with our work, and most importantly in a student society, to enjoy themselves. If so, please contact with any work that you have produced, or may be interested in producing.

Oliver Brufal

Director, Business and Economics Policy Centre

Our Policy Centre:

Oliver Brufal


I’m a second year History student from the United Kingdom. I believe taxation policies to cure income inequality are interesting as a topic for our policy centre this year.


Daniella Gotuzzo Barrios


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Finance, and I am a master’s student in Emerging Economies and International Development. I am keen on exploring the relations between the developed and developing world, particularly those with the Asian and Latin American regions. I am passionate about the political economy of developing countries: as they implement creative policies and funding mechanisms that help them adapt to the ever-changing stages of development, we can draw a lesson or two on sustainability and resilience for firms and states heading into uncertain economic times.

Aleksandr Zhuralev


My name is Aleksandr. I am a third year PPE student at King’s. My interests are clustered around macroeconomics and economics of the public sector, especially in the context of Russia and the post-Soviet bloc.

Charlotte Kemp


I’m Charlotte, a second year Liberal Arts student majoring in History. I’ve recently become interested in the international political economy and how globalisation has created a more interconnected yet fragile global economy. I’m a keen scuba diver and love anything related to the ocean

Our Working Group:

Alex Cumming

I am a 2nd year LLB Politics, Philosophy and Law student interested in the regulation of financial technology, the use of artificial intelligence in business, and the UK’s industrial sector strategy.

Paula Arrus

My name is Paula Arrus and I am from Lima, Peru. I am a third year International Relations BA student at King’s College London. I am very curious about research regarding politics and economics in Latin America and the US. In particular, I’m interested in the relationship between governments and transnational corporations and how they can be structured in a way that fosters socioeconomic development at a national or regional level.

Marianne Odetola

I am a final year BA Geography student. I am particularly interested in the challenges that arise from pursuing constant economic growth/development in a world with finite resources and the effect that this will have in the ‘global south’.

Nikhita Swamkar

Soon to be updated!