Business & Economics

With all the current uncertainty in the global economy, we need to look for new tools in an era when many of the old methods used in economic policy are outdated. Low interest rates and Quantitative Easing programmes do not seem to be working any more. There is also growing political risk and uncertainty. Thus, we need to be active participants in the process of developing new economic frameworks and looking for new formulas for development.

Challenges facing the global economy will form the thematic focus for the business and economics policy centre this year.

Our first event- ‘The (uncertain) future of the British economy’- will be connected to the latest major political event- Brexit, as we will discuss the potential future directions for the UK economy. The future of London and the City of London is especially important, given the impact of Brexit on the banking sector.

Later, our policy centre will discuss the challenges facing neoliberalism and ideas such as free trade and its prominence in the global economy in order to assess the current responses to our problems.

It is also important that we remember a crucial part of the economy- businesses. Thus, in order to look at some of the possible solutions to the challenges for the economy, we will also discuss a relatively new trend in the business world- start ups.  We will try to focus on the practical aspects of this phenomenon, thus anyone interested in setting up their own start up should definitely join our debate.

Most of all, the Business and Economics policy centre is committed to discussing crucial issues in the modern economic world and formulating policies which reflect students’ voice on these matters. As all of us are future employees or employers it is especially important that our voices will be heard and that is our task. We are looking forward to a year full of fascinating debates and interesting policy proposals, and look forward to your input to

Szymon Daniluk
Business and Economics Policy Centre President