Business & Economics

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Our Policy Centre:

SimranI’m a final year PPE student with a keen interest in sustainable development finance and the economics of the public sector. As Director my vision for the policy centre is to shift the lens of economic research and analysis towards post-colonial and emerging economies, and green finance.

~ Simran Prajapati, Director

DishaHi everyone, I’m a third year PPE student from Singapore. I’m passionate about exploring the ways in which economic policy can be used to facilitate growth of developing countries.

~ Disha Datta, Editor

I’m passionate about why institutions do not serve the people they were created for, and want to know how we can change that. I look forward to applying my politics degree to the real world.

~ Inseya Ali, Researcher

imageI am a third year Economics student from India. I am interested in the advancement of digital economics in the developing countries.

~ Amulya Singhania, Liaison

Our Working Group:

JackI am a third year philosophy student interested in developmental economics and the effect of artificial intelligence on labour markets in developing economies.

~ Jack Cheng, Working Group

YasminI am a third year Economics student, looking forward to being part of KTT and examining the prevalent issues of today. I’m interested in development economics, particularly the study of emerging and post-colonial economies.

~ Yasmin Cheema, Working Group

JhanviI am a 3rd year Business Management student, interested in politics and its impact on business.

~ Jhanvi Ohri, Working Group