Meet Our Team

The King’s Think Tank is student-led, meaning every single committee member is a student from King’s College London. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the academic year to put on terrific events with high-profile speakers and offer students the opportunity to have their policy ideas heard by MPs, experts, and influential figures.

Juliette Aikman


I am a third-year International Relations student, interested in the evolution of security studies and counter-terrorism in the 21st century. I am also very passionate about conflict management and debates about the future of the World Order.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning Russian and endlessly refilling my cup of tea.


Udit Mahalingam

Vice President

I am an incoming third-year English Literature student. I am particularly interested in issues related to the enforcement of national counterterrorism strategies in the education and health sector, and to the role of public policy in empowering vulnerable, disenfranchised communities.

I also have a passion for incentivizing creative arts and freelance as a music journalist in my spare time.


Sebastian Baciu

Head Editor

I am a third-year International Relations student interested in environmental issues and their impact on multi-level governance, especially in the context of the EU.

I also enjoy learning from other people and hearing their opinions on today’s political landscape.


Sophie Umeyama

Head Editor


Camille Darbo


I am a third-year International Relations student from France. My main areas of interest are climate change, development strategies, biodiversity, and gender equality.

I strive to raise awareness about the numerous impacts of the global environmental crisis that humanity is facing.


Barbara Listek

Communications Director

I am an incoming third-year  International Relations student from Poland. I am particularly interested in the topics of gender in IR and minority rights. I am also passionate about political philosophy.


Dominika Vilkovičová

Social Secretary

I am a first year History and International Relations student from Slovakia. I am mostly interested in modern history, the World Wars and women’s rights, both from historical and contemporary perspectives. I love to travel and my favorite destination is Brusells, beer playing a crucial role in this obsession of mine.