Meet Our Team

The King’s Think Tank is student-led, meaning every single committee member is a student from King’s College London. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the academic year to put on terrific events with high-profile speakers and offer students the opportunity to have their policy ideas heard by MPs, experts, and influential figures.

Matias Salo


I am a third year International Relations student. I am particularly interested in the future of global governance and its relationship with nationalism. I am also very passionate about conflict management and peacekeeping.


Katharina Fletcher

Vice President

I am a third year History student who is interested in the adaptation of power structures in post-colonial Africa. I also find the malleability of identity fascinating, especially in regard to the concepts of eurocentrism and orientalism. I have an undeniable soft spot for the Enlightenment as well.


Julia Bennett

Head Editor

I am a third year BA History student. I am particularly interested in the policies surrounding asylum seekers and refugees.


Paakhi Bhatnagar

Head Editor

I am a third year BA International Relations student. I am interested in seeing the development of cybersecurity and surveillance policies, especially in regards to monitoring contact in the COVID-19 age.


Yusuf Sheikh


I am a fourth year medical student with a deep interest in health policy, financial management and entrepreneurship.


ByeongKyu Jun (Colin)

Communications Director

I am a second year Korean student studying International Relations. I am especially interested in the East Asian power game and the influence of education on the socio-economic development of Southeast Asian countries.


Francesca Fletcher

Social Secretary

I am a second year Geography BSc student and plan on going into environmental law after by bachelors. Besides maps and protecting the environment, I also enjoy learning and debating about politics, playing volleyball and drinking above the daily recommended amount of coffee.