Tackling the Plastic Problem: The Future of UK Policy

On the 19th of November, the Energy & Environment Policy Centre hosted a panel discussion on the current economic and environmental issues surrounding plastic waste in the UK. This event was motivated by the recent UK media focus on the issue and a call for evidence by HM Treasury on the idea of a UK plastic tax. Continue reading “Tackling the Plastic Problem: The Future of UK Policy”


Event Review: Policy Hackathon with Douglas Alexander

On the 8th of October, King’s Think Tank, in partnership with the Fabian International Policy Group, co-hosted a policy simulation evening with Douglas Alexander, the chair of UNICEF UK, and former Shadow Foreign Secretary. Continue reading “Event Review: Policy Hackathon with Douglas Alexander”

The End of Independent Education?

Continuing with our theme of inequalities in education, King’s Think Tank recently held a debate on the motion: “Independent Schools should be Integrated into the State System”. The event went ahead despite snowy conditions, although one speaker was unable to travel. This left Mr Michael Pyke, Press Officer for the Campaign for State Education (CASE), with the task of proposing the motion on his own. He was against the formidable team of Mr Charles Fillingham, Headmaster of Francis Holland School, and Dr Eamonn Butler, Director of the Adam Smith Institute. The debate was chaired by King’s Think Tank’s own Bertie O’Brien. Continue reading “The End of Independent Education?”

Notes from a Participant: Future of Bioscience? Post-Brexit Reality

The event hosted jointly by King’s Think Tank and KCL Bioscience Student’s Association entitled “Future of Biosciences? – Post-Brexit Reality” invited two expert panellists from distinct fields within the Biosciences to share with the audience about how they perceive the impact of the UK’s departure from the EU. Continue reading “Notes from a Participant: Future of Bioscience? Post-Brexit Reality”

Please Mind the Gap: Policies on the Gender Pay Gap

In October 2016, the Law Policy Centre of King’s Think Tank Society hosted its first event – “Please Mind the Gap with DLA Piper”. The expert panel, consisting of Her Honour Judge Anuja Dhir, Her Honour Judge Georgina Kent, Miss Sarah Ellington – commercial litigator at DLA Piper, and Mrs Janet Walsh – professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations at King’s College London, was moderated by the president of the Law Policy Centre Miss Jagoda Klimowicz. The panel aimed to explore various aspects of the phenomenon known as gender pay gap. Continue reading “Please Mind the Gap: Policies on the Gender Pay Gap”

Notes From Participants: Why is Innovation in Healthcare so Challenging?

The policy seminar on the challenges of healthcare innovation hosted by the King’s Think Tank Global Health Policy Centre took place on Wednesday the 7th of December at King’s College London. The format of the seminar was unique; a select committee of 13 members from diverse backgrounds including healthcare providers to industry experts, medical students, and early career scientists were invited to a closed discussion on the key challenges of healthcare innovation.  Continue reading “Notes From Participants: Why is Innovation in Healthcare so Challenging?”

Educational inequality – addressing the root causes

In the face of rising poverty levels and with this, rising educational inequality, the education system in the UK is in clear need of reform. King’s Think Tank hosted a panel discussion on ‘The Inequality of Education in the UK’ on the 23rd November 2015 – an opportune event in light of the upcoming Spending Review, as education is the third largest area of public expenditure. Over one hundred think tank members joined panelists David Hoare – Chair of Ofsted, Amy Finch – Researcher on Education Policy at Reform, James Dobson – Researcher at Bright Blue, as well as Johnny Luk – CEO of NACUE (National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs). Head of the Education Policy Centre Francesca Tripaldi, introduced the debate providing an overview of post-war education policy to date, scrutinizing current reforms proposed by Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan MP. Continue reading “Educational inequality – addressing the root causes”

Access to Medication – The Dimensions of the Problem

On November 10th The Kings Think Tank Global Health Policy Centre hosted a public event discussing current issues of drug development, medication distribution and tiered pricing, in particular its crippling effect on developing countries’ healthcare systems. Probing questions were asked regarding who is ultimately responsible for delivering solutions; big pharmaceutical corporations, governments or international policy makers? Three panelists, each with a different expertise and approach spoke on these issues; Continue reading “Access to Medication – The Dimensions of the Problem”

The European Union’s Refugee Crisis: A Way Forward

On Friday 16th October, the King’s Think Tank launched its first event of the year, a panel discussion focusing on ‘Europe’s Migrant Crisis’. The panel included Dr Jeff Crisp, a Research Associate at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre; Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London; Mr James Mates, Europe Editor of ITV News and Jakob Muratov, President of the European Affairs Policy Centre at the Think Tank. The vibrant discussion covered the impact of mass migration with regards to the migrants themselves, border control and the necessary response to overcome the problems facing Europe.

Continue reading “The European Union’s Refugee Crisis: A Way Forward”