Meet the Team

King’s Think Tank is a student-led think tank, meaning that every single committee member is a student from King’s College London. This team of volunteers works tirelessly throughout the academic year to put on the best events with high-profile speakers and give students the opportunity to have their policy ideas heard by MPs, experts, and influential figures.

Core Committee


President: Lawrence Calton

Vice President: Diana Suciu

Directors: Maddy Sampson; Antara Dasgupta

Head of Communications: Meg Zeenat Wamithi

Head of Editors: Tamsin Victoria Laude

Head of Presidents: Stanislav Skriabine

Social Secretary: Guillaume Vichard

Head of Researchers: Yurri Clavilier

Head of Liaisons: Nicolas Salaun

Treasurer: Daphne Friedrich



Policy Centres

Our seven unique policy centres were created to offer students the opportunity to confront topics from a variety of different fields.
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Business & Economics

President: Katie-Louise Marvin

Liaison: Jack Evans

Editor: Ewka Puzniak

Researcher: Camille Lalevee

Defence & Diplomacy

President: Stanislav Skriabine

Liaison: Clara Laviale

Editor: Elina Solomon

Researcher: Guillaume Beaud


President: Marina Zabelina

Liaison: Tee Sanusi

Editor: Charlie Collard

Researcher: Samantha Thomas-Domingo

Energy & Environment

President: Emma-Jane Behrens

Liaison: Sincere Chen

Editor: Mireia Raga Gómez

Researcher: Rafael Holder

European Affairs

President: Afiq Fitri

Liaison: Laxshmi Dharmavasan

Editor: Charles Halb

Researcher: Onna van den Broek


Global Health

President: Luke Symons

Liaison: Antonio Reymao

Editor: Mehr Panjwani

Researcher: Jonathan Higgs


President: Joseph Lai

Liaison: Onyinye Jecu

Editor: Ellen Newell

Researcher: John Cheung

Religions, Ethics and Culture

President: Emma Shleifer

Liaison: Danielle Forest 

Editor: Issy Royce

Researcher: Grace Casanova