Welcome to the King’s Think Tank, the largest student-led Think Tank in Europe.

Our institution was created following student protests in 2010, with the hopes of empowering those same students to champion change without resorting to civil disorder.

The King’s Think Tank provides a platform for students to lobby for solutions by means of policy, allowing us to be proactive in decision-making processes before legislation is implemented, whether it be at home or abroad.

We achieve this by means of policy workshops, panel events, an online blog, and our bi-annual policy-recommendation journal, The Spectrum.

The King’s Think Tank strives to build upon the inspiring work carried out during previous years and is determined to further expand and diversify its vibrant community of writers, leaders, and innovators.

So welcome! We warmly invite you to participate in our policy workshops and contribute to The Spectrum. 

Afiq Fitri
President 2018-19
King’s Think Tank