Education Policy Centre: “Should everyone be pushed into university? Rethinking Blair’s 50% higher education attendance target”

January 19th, 2014

Tuesday 21 January, 6:30 pm

Strand Campus

With the rise of graduate unemployment, university tuition fees, and the ‘standard’ of the youth going to University, we need to rethink what university is about in the first place; should it be seen as a method in order to enhance one’s job opportunities, to increase ones social capital in terms of networking, to experience ‘student life’ or something completely different?
It is by understanding this question that we will have the adequate tools to rethink whether Tony Blair’s 50% target for higher education attendance is justified or not, or to put it another way, to understand whether we should be trying to push as much of the youth of possible into universities.

Our speakers for this event are:

Rick Trainor, Principal, King’s College London

Gill Wyness, Research Economist from the IFS

Rachel Wenstone, NUS Vice President (Higher Education)

If you are not a member of staff/student, please register here: